New Website!

New Website!

Posted on 26th Jun 2014 by Mark

Mark Eslick Graphics was commissioned in March 2014 to initially take
Atmosair Limited
location photographs for seven of the completed case studies which were in various locations in central London and Guildford. Once this was completed work was started on the website, which began with looking at the competition and providing an analysis on who the competitors were and there strengths and weaknesses. After several weeks an initial website design concept theme was submitted. Various modifications were agreed and the initial creation of the new company website began.

The main theme was based on the London skyline and the fact that most of the Atmosair customers are from central London. The background photograph was a panorama taken from the roof of the luxury apartments looking towards the city, which was to become the main company theme! In addition a linear drawing of the main London landmarks was created for use on the footer of the website and also planned to be used on the new company vehicles. Watch out for our new vans!

The website was finally completed in August 2014, with descriptive content and visual pictorial images of the various showcase projects.

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