UV lights & Air purification

Atmosair can supply and install UV light systems for air purification proved to kill viruses and bacteria.

These are two examples of UV light products we supply and fit but we can also fit UV lights into duct work and a variety of other Air purification products.

Please contact info@atmosair.co.uk for more information on these and other UV light and air purification products.

Airius PureAir - UV lamps

Atmosair are a recognised distributor for Airius products.

The UV lamps can be fitted direct on to the slab or into a ceiling tile space with a fixing kit for a grid ceiling application.

Full supply and fit service available.

  • The technology used in the Airius PureAir range does include a tiny amount of UV but not in its usual form. The Small amount of UV which is a specific non ozone producing frequency specially designed to create a catalytic process with the quad metallic target surrounding it.
  • This process is completely safe and floods the environment with Ironized Hydro-Peroxides also known as mother nature’s cleaning agent which continuously sterilise all the air and surfaces within the space. Ionised hydro peroxides are what naturally gives the air a fresh smell after a thunderstorm.
  • This technology reduces the risks vastly more than any of the others listed, as any pathogen entering the space is instantly attacked as a molecular level.
  • All surfaces are continuously coated giving them an invisible shield.
  • A good way to explain the difference is if you are in a space which is treated by an Airius PureAir unit and somebody sneezes, 78% of all pathogens are neutralised before it has travelled 1 metre, and close to 100% by the time it has travelled 2 metres. With all the other technologies unless the person either sneezes directly into the filter, or in the room whilst fogging or dangerous levels of UV are being deployed they will be doing nothing to reduce the risks.

Blue Science – UV light strips

Atmosair can supply and fit blue science UV light strips to existing AC units.

  • UV-C is part of the light spectrum that can be used for water purification, air and surface disinfection.
  • Ranging from 100 nanometers (nm) to 280 nm it’s exposure deactivates the DNA of bacteria, virus, and other pathogens by destroying their ability to reproduce and cause disease.
  • When biological organisms are exposed to UV-c light it is absorbed by DNA, RNA, and proteins. Absorption of UV-c by proteins leads to a rupture of the cell wall and inactivation of the organism. With sufficient exposure, the DNA replication process is disrupted, and the cell cannot replicate, in fact, when the organism tries to replicate, it dies.
  • Blue Science utilises the disinfectant properties of UV-c light to convert an air-conditioning unit into a powerful air purifier. Warm and contaminated air is pulled in through the top of the unit, where it is then cooled via the unit’s cooling coil. BlueScience immerses the air around the cooling coil in UV-c light, sanitising it during the process. The cool air is then dispensed by the air-conditioning unit free of virus, bacteria, moulds and odours.
  • A major health concern of modern-day life is the presence of viruses and bacteria in confined public areas. Indoor hotspots such as offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, cafes and waiting rooms, see compact congregations of people, with little way to nullify the risks of airborne infection. BlueScience makes use of the nature of these indoor hotspots to contain wall mounted air-conditioning units, providing a retrofit air-sterilization system, that massively decreases the chance of airborne infection/contamination.
  • Not only does BlueScience inactivate Viruses and bacteria, but it also acts as a neutraliser to unpleasant or overpowering odours that are often found in germ-volatile environments such as restaurants, bars and gyms.